Kaimanawa V1

The Kaimanawa saddle comes in two designs, V1 and V2 which was introduced in 2017. 

I developed the V2 for riders who loved the grip of the suede seat but wanted a slightly deeper seat than the V1 offered.  Further details of the V2 can be found here

The Kaimanawa saddles are made using top quality US skirting hide.  The hides are a chestnut colour which we hand oil down to a beautiful, rich dark tan but can be custom made and supplied in a light oil with protective dressing if preferred. 

As with all our High Country saddles, the Kaimanawa comes standard with a superbly comfortable, 1" gel foam padded seat.  The seat on the Kaimanawa is a thick and durable suede providing more grip for the rider than the smooth seat found on the Molesworth or Stockman saddles.

The skirts and jockey of the Kaimanawa have koru stamped patterning and the hardware is solid brass. 

Like all our High Country Range saddles, it is available in a range of fits.   

It comes in a range of seat sizes. 

You will find more details of this saddle, such as cantle height, weight, bar length and more, on this page   <<The High Country Range>>