Kaimanawa V2 

The V2 is a variation on the original Kaimanawa.  The V2 has a deeper seat for those riders prefering a little more security or just preferring to sit deep in their saddle.  The fit on the horse remains the same but the cantle is raised to 4-1/4" on the V2.  The pommel is also higher resulting in longer poleys (increased height top to bottom) to give you more in front and this is mainly what provides the increased security.  

You can see the difference in the seat shape in the following photos.  The first photo is V1 and the second photo is V2.

This saddle is available in a medium-wide and two wide fits.   

It comes in a medium and large seat size (equivalent to approximately a 17" and 18" English fit). 

You will find more details of this saddle, such as cantle height, weight, bar length and more, on this page   <<The High Country Range>>