Payment Options & Conditions

Conditions when buying a saddle immediately or using Laybye


Options & Conditions when purchasing a saddle:

Immediate purchase from stock          

If the saddle that you wish to purchase is in stock, then you can purchase it straight away at the price listed on this website at the time you place the order ( plus postage and optional insurance).  I will then post it to you and our Standard Trial Conditions>> will apply. 

Reserving a non-customised saddle in next shipment            

If I do not have the saddle you want in stock and you wish to order it in the next delivery the cost will be at the current price on the date you confirm the order.   I will need a 50% deposit  when you place the order.  The outstanding amount to be paid when I receive the saddle and prior to my dispatching it to you.


If you prefer to pay a saddle off over a longer period then we can discuss this as laybye has helped a number of customer's buy their saddles to date.  I do not have storage for too many laybye saddles as they take up a lot of space!!  We will agree the terms in writing prior to the order.   

Trial conditions                

Popular saddle sizes will be sold with the  Standard Trial Policy>> in place, so that you can return it if it does not fit, but this is not automatic and you need to confirm this with me prior to placing the order.   Standard Trial conditions must be agreed in writing, in order to apply on any forward orders, otherwise saddles are non-returnable (please note that the normal manufacturers warranty still applies on all purchases plus a 5 year industry standard guarantee on the trees).

Custom orders             

Unusual sizes or customised designs cannot generally be returned after purchase so I strongly recommend that you have a fitting or try a saddle prior to placing an order, to ensure it fits you and your horse.  Customisation is only on features such as leather type, style of cantle and fender lengths.  At this stage, we do not customise the fit if our standard trees do not suit a horse.  We have made this decision  as we believe that the quality of the final fit is too uncertain when the saddles are being made overseas.