All Rounder

This saddle is perfect for all round work and comfortable enough for a long trail ride. It is very sturdy and is built on a fiberglass reinforced wood tree. Gorgeous border tooling and suede seat to hold you in place. The photos below show two options for roughout or smooth leather on the jockey and fenders. There are also two alternative horn shapes shown.  The saddle comes fully mounted with rear cinch, all latigos and a choice of stirrups.  Standard All Rounder is $3750 inc GST.


·  Tree: Fiberglass reinforced wood

·  Cantle Height: 4"

·  Horn Size: Optional 

·  Rigging: 7/8 position inskirt

·  Skirt Length: 15inch seat: 25 5/16"; 16inch seat: 26 1/2"; 17inch seat: 27 1/2"

·  Weight: Approximately 15kgs

.  The tree is available in a range of fits