High Country Western Saddles

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If you see something you like but want it in a different size or fit or colour let us know what you are after and we can confirm if it is possible.  All our saddles are available in sizes ranging from 14" to 18" and in a wide range of fits for different shaped horses.

Western saddle sizes

Western saddle sizes are measured from the back of the pommel to the front edge of the cantle or the stitching on the cantle binding, (both of which measurements are behind the foam) giving a larger measurement than is trully representative of the seat area available.  If you are comparing a number of saddles it is important to compare measurements taken from the same points.  Again, we believe it is more helpful to provide a measurement taken from inside the foam to the back of the pommel.  The different designs have different internal seat sizes depending on how thick the customer chooses to make the foam in the seat.  Our High Country western designs with padded seat all come standard with 1" seat foam and therefore the 16" is built on a 16" tree but has an internal seat measurement of around 15 1/2".   If a design has no seat foam, the 16" saddle is closer to a 16" internal seat size.  This is the case for the unpadded High Country Wade, Slick Fork or Rancher.