Customer Support

We recognise that many riders find buying a saddle to be fraught with problems and often has not resulted in the outcome they wanted. We want to ensure that if you buy one of our saddles you will love it from day one and so will your horse.  We want to see more riders enjoying this style of saddle.  Their enjoyment and their riding skills often improve out of sight when they find a saddle which really fits and they feel secure enough to ride with confidence.  We have lots of customers who can vouch for this!!

​We recognise the great importance of not only providing these saddles but supporting customers and assisting them in their choice of saddle.  We spend many, many hours with each customer offering personal advice and assistance on assessing their riding style, what they want from the saddle and most importantly, what their horse needs to be comfy and perform to its best ability.

Most customers thank me over the phone but occasionally I manage to get them to put a sentence of feedback down in an email and these I have put on our 'Customer Feedback' page.  

If you would like to find out more about the saddles, which designs we have currently in stock or just want a chat about our saddles and accessories then please contact us.

We will work with you to provide guidance on how to take photographs and wither tracings to narrow down the options and how to choose which seat size you need, followed by one on one support when you receive the trial saddle, to help you check the fit on your horse and how to set up the girth and fender for yourself.