Stock and Western saddles designed in New Zealand, exclusively made in America

This website provides an introduction to our range of stock and western saddles and a sample of our quality accessories, including our custom made wool saddle pads.  You may also find information of interest in relation to our saddles, saddle fitting and setting up these saddles, in our series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  FAQ’s>> .

We base our business on providing excellent and personal customer service so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any additional information or advice that you would like.  You can contact us here Customer Support page »

High Country Saddlery designs, manufactures and sells halfbreed stock saddles.  We also stock a small range of high quality accessories that customers buying our saddles often may need, such as saddle pads, bridles, breastplates, cruppers, girths and saddle bags.  

Choosing a saddle

If you are considering buying a new saddle, choosing the right one on line does not need to be difficult as long as you can see exactly what you are buying and can get all the advice and information that you want in terms of fit, size and specifications. The information and details provided on our website have been developed in order to make choosing the right saddle relatively easy but we always work with customers to help ensure they get the most suitable saddle for themselves and their horse. If you are not sure exactly what you want then just give us a ring and we can advise you on the aspects that you need to consider. You will find lots of high quality photos of the saddles, their features and the accessories you may be looking for.

Obligation free trials

If you choose to trial one or more of our saddles, we can bring them out for you to ride in at your property or you can bring your horse to the farm here near Taupo. If you are too far away we frequently post them for customers to trial with no obligation to purchase the saddle.  

We do not charge for trials if you keep the saddle, but you will have to cover the postage. Our aim is the same as yours, to find a saddle that fits and will give you many years of good riding. Unlike other shops we do not prevent you from sitting in the saddles but encourage you to fit the saddle to your horse and have a ride in it. A rider cannot tell if they like the feel and balance of a saddle until they have ridden in it and preferably also trotted.  No amount of measuring, wither tracings and photographs can replace the value of putting the saddle on the horse and going for a ride. Please read our Trial Policy>> for more information.

Honest disclosure policy

We intend to be very transparent in the information that we provide about our products.  We have developed the designs for nearly all the products we sell and have worked closely with the manufacturers through out their creation so we will be telling you where our products are being made, where the materials are sourced and why we have chosen the features we have.  We are proud of our products and have no desire to leave customers guessing about what they are purchasing.

However, there is only one person doing all this and it takes a lot of time.  In the meantime I am still trying to make saddles, do fittings, actually market the saddles and attend events around the country so that more people have a chance to see and sit in the saddles. I also spend many hours talking to customers who are trying to find a saddle. Therefore please be patient on the info side and if you have any useful halfbreed saddle related topics you feel we should add to our FAQs section then please tell us what they are.

Enjoy cruising the site and seeing the beautiful saddles that are available to you.  If you have any comments or questions we are always keen for more customer feedback so give us a call or drop us an email and we will always respond, usually within 12 hours.