High Country Range


Halfbreed saddles


'HALFBREED' saddles combine the best 'half' of the Western saddle with the best 'half' of the Australian stock saddle.  A good Halfbreed saddle takes the western tree with its large, stable weight bearing bars that provide superior comfort for the horse compared with most English and Stock saddles. The other key feature from the Western saddle is the use of fenders which give better protection to the riders leg and increased stability compared with the narrow stirrup leather found on an English saddle or traditional Australian Stock Saddle. 

The key features adopted from the Stock Saddle are the poleys for additional rider security and the use of a stirrup hanger over which the fender hangs  This ensures that the fender swings freely (halfbreed saddles are often called 'Swinging Fender Saddles' in Australia) and can come off in an accident, unlike on a western saddle where the fender goes over the bar of the tree, inside the saddle.  


All Halfbreed saddles in the High Country Range have the following specifications:


  • Top quality American skirting hides

  • Fibreglass coated, wooden trees

  • 4” cantles

  • Crupper dees

  • In-skirt girth rigging dees

  • Gel foam panels on the underside, for shock absorption

  • Suede covered underside for good grip and stability on the saddle pad

  • Stainless steel, custom made stirrup hangers

  • A choice of fender positions for the traditional forward leg position or a balanced more vertical leg position

  • Free swinging fenders mounted on high quality stainless stirrup hangars, made to our design here in New Zealand

  • Solid brass hardware

  • All metal clips on the dees


Gullet size:

All designs are available in both a MEDIUM WIDE fit and a WIDE fit.

Seat size:

Saddles are available in 13.5”, 14.5” & 15.5” trees.  Depending on the padding in the seat, these measurements equate roughly as follows:

13.5” halfbreed, 14.5” western, 16.5” English

14.5” halfbreed, 15.5” western, 17.5” English

15.5” halfbreed, 16.5” western, 18.5” English

Bar lengths:

21.5” on the 13.5” & 14.5” trees

22.5” on the 15.5” tree

Skirt length:

22.5” on the 13.5” & 14.5” trees

23.5” on the 15.5” tree

These measurements are the full length of the leather but the gel foam panels are the same length as the wooden bars on the trees so the contact with the horse is as per the bar lengths.


The 14.5” saddles with padded seats are approximately 11kg mounted (including fenders, stirrups and latigos)


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